Groove City feat. Daria Biancardi

SATURDAY 22:30 – 23:35



Daria Biancardi Lead vocals
Fabio Ziveri Keys
Pier Martinetti Gui.
Gianluca Schiavon Drums
Rita Girelli Bass
Andrea Scorzoni Tenor sax
Franco Venturi Trumpet
Sandro Comini Trombone
Giulia Tarantino Backup vocal
Marzia Molinelli Backup vocal

The phenomenal voice of Daria Biancardi and the Italian soul band Groove City pay homage to the undisputed Queen of Soul and of all Black Music: Aretha Franklin.

The show traces the sixty years of an extraordinary artistic career in which Aretha was the absolute protagonist of the music scene but also of the culture and customs of the African Americans, always at the forefront in defense of civil rights and in the struggle for women’s emancipation.

The Gospel and the Soul, the Sacred and the Profane, the Church and the big stages: a stormy and often contradictory life, in which sensational successes alternate with great sentimental disappointments, family misunderstandings and moments of great depression.

It is not irreverent to say that the great talent of Daria Biancardi, her powerful voice and her overbearing physicality have a lot in common with Aretha.

Groove City alternate personal interpretations with rigorously faithful arrangements to the originals trying to recreate the magical atmosphere of those years

The GROOVE CITY projects starts from the musical collaboration and, above all, from the deep friendship among some well known musicians acting in the Bologna (Italy) area over many years.

The style of music is inspired by Soul and Blues and in particular by the Memphis Sound with isolated raids into Funky and Jazz.

The band was founded in 2005 and in 2010 it publishes its first CD “Friends” which represents the synthesis of the first five years of activity and gathers the recordings of some among many friends who teamed up with the band:  Charlie Wood contributed with three tunes recorded live at Bravo Caffè in March 2009, then Rossella Graziani, Antonella Clementi,  Gloria Turrini.

Participation at many editions of the Porretta Soul Festival and other Festivals a number of collaborations of the band with American artists, mostly resident in Memphis.

In 2009 with the Sweet Nectar vocalist and the guitar player Tomas Bingham.

In 2010 with Sax Gordon, explosive saxophon player from Detroit they proposed a tribute to King Curtis.

In 2011  with Charlie Wood (Hammond organ and voice), Dwaine Thomas (bass), Bobby Manuel (guitar) and Sax Gordon again, a tribute to Willy Mitchell. After the 2011 festival they started a collaboration with the great Memphis singer Toni Green (Isaac Hayes). Together with Toni they performed the closing gig of the “Spiagge Soul” Festival in Marina di Ravenna, Italy.

In 2014 a series of gigs with Bruce James and Bella Black from Texas.

In 2015 they participated at the Porretta Soul Festival with Rick Hutton, Theo Huff (Chicago) and Wee Willie Walker (Memphis). Soon after the Groove City Band performed a series of concerts with Willie.

In 2016 during the 29th edition of the Porretta Soul Festival the band presented the CD Road To Memphis entirely dedicated to the Memphis town, a showcase of many artists that the band featured during many years. Moreover the band gigged with Jerry Jones, Rick Hutton, Bruce James and for the first time with Daria Biancardi.

In October 2016 they participate at the final evening of the Castelfranco Blues Festival gigging with Daria Biancardi, David Hudson (Atlanta) and Virginia Smith.