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A booking on Hotel Frederikshavn (Sømandshjemmet), Hotel Jutlandia or Hotel Lisboa could look like this:

2 weekend tickets á kr 665,- + 30,- box office fee Kr. 1.390,- (€187)
1 db weekend hotel room á kr 950,- x 2 Kr. 1.900,- (€255)
Total Kr. 3.290,- (€442)


  • If you are interested in a summerhouse, an apartment, and another alternative accommodation, check the website https://www.feriehuse.dk/
  • One cheap and good with many options is Saeby Fritidscenter & Hostel, Saebygaardvej 32, 9300 Saeby. +45 4368 2060 You can book rooms directly at www.sfc.dk (Buy festival ticket separately here on the website)
    • Inform the hostel you are going to the festival, regarding late arrivel at night.
    • There are public busses to Saeby and Aalborg from Frederikshavn Busterminal at 02:10 (prize DKK 50,-. €7,- per person).
    • A regular taxi costs DKK 250,- (€35,-)
    • Or contact Peter Astrup billet @ bluesheaven.dk +45 4063 2400.