Do you like blues, soul, and rock? Then what about listening to an hour with different styles of quality songs - FOR FREE??

The 14th annual Blues Heaven Festival has once again released its legendary appetizer playlist, with the worlds most awarded singers/guitarist/harmonicas/pianos/horn-players.
All performing at Arena Nord, Frederikshavn, Denmark on 1st & 2nd November 2019. (Most of the bands will also be at The Blues Paradise Festival in Arena Naestved the same weekend)

The playlist is available for streaming via both iTunes and Spotify or you can download the MP3 files. 
This year the playlist is also available on YouTube. 
When you listen to these songs, you will ask yourself; why don't we hear such music in the media anymore?

Here below are the links to the 2019 playlist 

Stream via Apple Music: Stream via Spotify: Stream via Youtube Download zip file to computer:
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