?? Denne artikel er på engelsk, den henviser til det engelsk magasin BLUES MATTERS "How To" artikel om festivalen på en nem og overskueligt måde, -også selv om engesk ikkeer dit hovedsprog.
Skribenten har alle væstentlige link med i artiklen, som der er link til her... 

?? The Blues Heaven website has tons of info with stories of all the artists in Danish and English language, event schedules, promotion videos, mp3 playlist, info on tickets, hotels, transport and the external events around Frederikshavn that weekend + much more.
But the way the British BLUES MATTERS Magazine's writer Mairi Maclennan, has made it easy to understand is really high skilled work and shows this is a real music loving media. You are now in the best hands available, you will learn the most important things you need to know and will get the full view of the festival in a down to earth easy understanding way.

Enjoy this Blues Matters article on this link...

If you can’t make it Nov. 3rd - 4th, remember Blues Heaven is always 1st weekend of November, also in 2018, where the music programming already has started.

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