Chef de Cuisine at Arena Nord, Morten Røhl- Grønbech, has once more created a varied and unique menu, especially for Blues Heaven. 
A wide variety of appetizing dishes are available, a VIP dining experience consisting of a buffet plus ad libertum beverages and wine and beer, all for a very special Blues Heaven price of ONLY: 

VIP FRIDAY:       dkr 1,165 (€156)
VIP SATURDAY: dkr 1,065 (€143)
VIP WEEKEND:  dkr 2,065 (€277)

You too can enjoy the high life! A superb buffet with all you can eat and drink of wine, beer, water, coffee and tea.
Buffet is open both days 5:00 PM - 08:00 PM

Go on, treat yourself! Click here or on the buffet below...

There is also American food corner, Danish food corner and the veggie corner available at the festival.

VIP 2018 v5