Please enjoy the 2017 Blues Heaven promotions video in one of the 3 versions:

The "voice over" job is done by the American icon of the blues and commercial speaker for world know companies "Mr. Big Llou Johnson"...
Llou fell in love with the Blues Heaven festival and will fly over from Hollywood to be the host and guide us through the festival with "the sexiest voice and attitude of the blues".

22-minute version:
The very best version, with all artist and info (remember size matters)

10-minute version:
Missing the talent of Pascal Geiser and Thorbjørn Risager

5-minute version:
This one is the super compressed version, which was used for Facebook event.
This version is missing the talent of Kilborn Alley Blues Band, Dona Oxford, Marquise Knox, Pascal Geiser and Thorbjørn Risager.


Weekend ticket for
3. & 4. NOVEMBER, 2017

Kr. 665,- + gebyr  (€89,- + fee)

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