Toby Lee - Jam all weekend

Dansk tekst om guitar-fænomenet Toby Lee er her... 

The world's youngest guitar phenomenon coming "Home" to Blues Heaven in November.

After Toby was jamming at the 2017 Blues Heaven edition, has one of the Facebook clips with Ronnie Baker Brooks been vieved amazing 108.000.000!!! (ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT MILLION TIMES!!!) 
Toby will this year again be staying on Blues Heaven the entire weekend, to jam with as many of his heroes as possible.

This 2017 Youtube video shows some of his first moments in Denmark...

toby dk17

He has been released from school so it is true: 13-year-old Toby Lee guest performer at the Blues Heaven. Who is he? Yes, a boy from Wroxton near Oxford in England with a C.V. that an adult musician would envy. 

There have been countless television appearances in both England and the United States for the highly talented Toby Lee, who for the second time, will be on the in Blues Heaven Frederikshavn. Toby Lee flies to Frederikshavn with his parents Terry and Tracey. 

Toby Lee has performed with many of the greatest artists and on some of the most watched TV shows. Steve Harvey's Litle Big Shots TV show, with over 10 million viewers.

In March he appeared in Ellen Degeneres, the worlds biggest Talk Show

Toby Ellen


and Toby's performance is shared onFacebook and YouTube and viewed more than a 250.000.000 (Quarter of Billion times)

It all started when Toby, as a 4 year old got a yellow and green Ukulele from his grandmother. He played and played and played until all strings were gone and the instrument worn out. At 8, he got his first electric guitar, it was on Christmas Day where the little boy celebrated the holiday season at the hotel with his parents. On the same day the guitarist from Uriah Heep, Mike Box, who also stayed at the hotel was immediately taken by Toby Lee's guitar playing and today acts as Toby's mentor. Toby wanted to be introduced to guitar riffs from Hendrix, Vaughan, King and many others, and he soon learned to play as the best did.

The first time the world first caught sight of Toby Lee was when the young boy recorded a "Get Well Soon" jam and posted it on B.B. King's Facebook page when King was seriously ill. Unfortunately, B.B. King died a few days after, but Toby Lee received a personal thanks from the master's two daughters and his video greeting has now been seen over 50 million times.

Toby Lee has had one of his videos shared by Joe Bonamassa, who calls him a "Future Blues Superstar" and later they have got to know each other personally. The young guitarist has already released his first EP "Ten" and here in the autumn of 2018 he just formed his own band "The Toby Lee Blues Band"

The meeting with Toby Lee will be an extra gib from Blues Heaven to the audience who will see, hear and experience the 13-year phenomenon in different contexts.

Besides playing in different setups with the stars at the festival Toby will also be a part of the event on the jam session at the festivals official Juke joint, “Freddy’s Bar” from Saturday 13:00 – 15:00.

And when Toby Lee comes up to the adult class in a few years, you'll be able to say:

"I saw him at Blues Heaven".

Additional Info

  • Dato: Friday, 03 November 2017
  • Scene: Royal Stage
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