Kat Riggins

Hi Gina


I had a copule of emails back and forth regarding Mick Hucknall, and there has not been an absolute no for future co-operation in the future, but the manager believe Simply Red will come out with the album in the autumn and the band will tour in 2020, so for now is the best bet 2021


That said I still think we shall give it a last try here in 2019, and make the budget as close as we can now


If you and Rod think the same, here is what I will like you to do.


Se who of the members that are available at this point and let me know what each do and when the played with Bobby and approx how many show each did.


I will help the project if the keyboard player can sing a couple of songs?

Also I will check with Curtis Salgado if he is interested


Im still hooked on the 2 drummers situation.

Additional Info

  • Dato: Saturday, 07 November 2020
  • Scene: Spar Nord Stage
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